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Power & Energy

Energy efficiency & Conservancy

Power & Energy

Yunik offers renewable energy solutions by funding and participating in BOT projects in partnership with our overseas business friends. The terms and conditions of funding and construction projects are very lucrative.

Plasma Ignition System is a revolutionary and advanced technology in the coal fired power generation industry, and represents the future of the boiler ignition technology. With this technology, significant fuel oil (almost 90%) can be saved in the Power Plant.

Plasma Ignition System (PICS) was first put in commercial use in 2000 and since then it has been installed on over 850 boilers(new and retrofit), ranging from 50 MW to 1000MW with total installed capacity of over 350,000MW worldwide . It has been successfully installed on 19 boilers in South Korea, Russia, Indonesia, Turkey, Tajikistan, China and Taiwan.

With the use of Plasma Ignition Technology, fuel oil consumption has been reduced to nil in Turkey ( 2 x 660MW boilers),Tajikistan(2x150MW boilers) and more than 100 boilers operating in China. All these power plants have no fuel oil system, only PICS has been use for ignition of pulverised coal to run the boilers.

Yunik Engineering Services and SS Power of India are responsible for marketing this technology in Africa and India.







Yunik Engineering specializes in Project Management Services (PMS), Maintenance Contracts, Design and Engineering from concept to commissioning of Power Projects, in Thermal, Hydro,Solar and other renewable resources. The strength of the company lies in the professional management of the company and rich experience & expertise available in its
expert stakeholders.

The management have a vision to close the power gap between supply and demand in developing countries to mitigate poverty and foster development. The core of our stakeholders have worked in various countries and visited various power stations in Europe, America, Canada, Japan, Libya, Zimbabwe, South Africa etc. Yunik Engineering retains and advances the objective of comprehensive energy services and energy- efficiency to preserve natural resources and environmental protection.

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Yunik Engineering is an agent for prominent manufacturers of alloy tubes used in the fabrication of boiler tubes and other industrial heat exchangers. Below is a list of Power Plant heat exchanger tubes

1. Boiler tubes
2. Condenser tubes
3. Air heater tubes
4. LP & HP heater tubes
5. Heat exchanger tubes, special designs
6. High temperature & High Pressure pipes


Some of Yunik Engineering initiatives are in the field of energy conservation and energy efficiency. It is common knowledge that energy in not an infinite resource and therefore its conservation and efficient utilisation is called for. Inefficiencies in the use of energy in industry result in huge losses which could be used to develop countries enormously and significantly reduce poverty in many nations. At corporate level, we reduce losses, reduce operating costs, increase efficiencies and increase profits.

In this regard Yunik Engineering Services is introducing combustion efficiency additives that are able to serve diesel fuel by up to 7%. In Power Generation it has introduced Plasma Ignition technology to eliminate and critically reduce fuel oil consumption. By supporting these initiatives, countries economically benefit significantly. In line with present drive in clean energy, our technologies reduce pollution significantly thereby contributing to clean environment.

Fuel combustion additives are mostly effective in the following categories of vehicles or IC machines.

Dump trucks



Surface Minining

Concrete Mixers

Road Rollers


Road construction equipment