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Pipeline Maintenance

Innovative Technology

Yunik Engineering Services specialises in online leak sealing technology which greatly eliminates and reduces downtime costs and improves availability and reliability of plant and plant equipment. The technology assist in environmental protection, health and safety of personnel from leakages. The technologies rejuvenates corroded pipes by repairing corroded pipes, protection against further corrosion and reinforcing corroded pipes. The technology applies to pipes as well as to vessels and tanks. Pipe-freezing , plugging and hottaping are some of the state of art technologies we use to resolve most pipework challenges facing industry today.


This is an effective and efficient means of isolating a system, freeze plugs are developed within the pipes by applying liquid nitrogen. The cryogenic process begins with heat being removed from the liquid inside the pipe until it reaches a temperature below its freezing point. Once an established freeze plug is formed, Yunik has automated the control of the flow of liquid nitrogen to maintain the proper sized plug based on known system parameters.

How pipe freezing works
Pipe freezing involves the use of liquid nitrogen in the controlled formation of a solid ice plug inside the pipeline using specialist equipment and techniques. Once formed, the plug is able to withstand very high differential pressures and provide reliable and effective isolation of the line while modifications or repairs are carried out.

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Hot tapping avoids shutdown when performing tie-in, add-on, by-pass, modify or even repair existing pipeline or pressure vessel in a safe and cost effective manner.

Yunik is an expert in hottapping and linestopping services and is also a distributor of hottapping and line stopping machines including pares and consummables.

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Yunik performs on-line leak repair service on operating pipelines. No need for shutting down the operation or process. The system can continue to operate without expensive shutdowns or losses. We also do corrosion repairs and protection, pipe reinforcement of worn out pipes and prolong operating life of pipelines.

Areas of Application Include:

  • Pipes and fittings leaks ; Flange leaks ;Valve leaks
  • Heat exchanger leaks ; Expansion joint leaks ; Pressure vessel leaks
  • Furnace leaks ; Tower tray leaks ; Weld and thread leaks
  • Tank leaks , steel, segmented and plastic tanks.

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Our products of PLIDCO Type Split Sleeves are designed for permanent repair of high pressure oil, NG, water and steam pipelines . They is suitable for Straight Pipe, Tee Joint, Elbow Joint, Reducer Tee Joint and etc . The material of PLIDCO Type Split Sleeves is 16Mn Steel .
The range of sizes of our Split Sleeves is from 1-1/2” to 48” (25mm to 1200mm) . The range of working pressure of our Split Sleeves is up to 200 Bars .
The standard material of the rubber sealing is Buna-N but VITON sealing is also available .

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Yunik Engineering specialises in pipeline isolations . Depending on the nature of the isolation problem, we assess and provide appropriate isolation solutions.

We also provide provide the following pipeline products :

  • Annular Seals
  • Drain and Sewer
  • Hot Tap Equipment
  • Lift Bags
  • Pipe Plugging Systems
  • Plugs, Inflatable
  • Plugs, Mechanical
  • Temperature & Pressure Plugs
  • Test Equipment
Condenser Tube Plugs

Condenser Tube Plugs are used extensively to block the end of pipes, with a large outer washer fitted to stop the plug being pulled into the tubes vacuum unit. These are manufactured to customer specification, in a wide variety of materials with pressure, heat and acid resistant qualities.

Materials include:

Brass, Bronze, EPDM, Neoprene, Nitrile, Silicone, Stainless Steel, Viton

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Pipe Fittings

We supply in large stocks of pipe fittings for projects or stock replenishments. These include among others gate valves and many other types of valves, repair clamp series,couplings ,HDPE pipes and fittings, Tee clamps, dismantling joints ,ductile iron pipe fittings etc