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Solar & Hydro Solutions

Harnessing clean energy

Yunik provides both commercial and domestic solar and water solutions that involve cost effective components and efficient installations/systems. We offer state of the art maintenance products and spares.


Yunik Engineering provides home solar solutions and solar pumping solutions. We provide packaged solutions for home solar solutions and for the solar pumping solutions we require individual requirements depending on their situations.

We also provide individual solar components such as :

  • Inverters, Solar Panels, Junction boxes, Batteries , Mounting brackets, Submersible pumps , solar electric conductors, Lights, chargers etc

Pumping Solutions – DC and AC systems

Domestic and commercial solar solutions
Solar  Accessories


Yunik Engineering offers a wide range of water solutions in various domestic, industrial, and commercial sectors. We play a major role in water management services to ensure water efficiency and water conservation.

We also carryout the following services:

Energy –efficiency in water pumping systems
On-line leak repairs of pipelines, tanks and reservoirs
Installation of small water treatment plants
Supply of water treatment and pumping station equipment and spares
Solving drinking water efficiently and effectively

Potable/drinking water products :

Atmospheric water generator creates water from air, efficiently and effectively. It is suitable for home,office and other different fields.
Home atmospheric drinking water generator , 16Litres/day , storage 8litres
Commercial atmospheric water generator 100L /day
Industrial atmospheric water generator 250L/day Industrial atmospheric water generator 5000L/Day

Main Benefits

They provide access to safe drinking water
They operate in complete autonomy – not linked to external gadgets / no installation costs
They comply with preservation of the environment – no waster produced


Aerospace technology, patented technology
Air water generation, no need of water source
A multi-purpose machine, convenient and economic
No need for piping, beautiful and practical
Easy to switch hot or cold function
Regular sterilization to protect water quality
Automatic circulation, living water preservation
Humanization design, intelligent control