Steel Cord Conveyor Belt

Steel Cord Conveyor Belt


Steel cord conveyor belt is widely used in open mines, power stations, cement plants, coal mines, ports, metallurgical and chemical industries.


The core rubber has strong penetrating ability entering in the space of steel cords, good conglutination between rubber and steel cord, good anti-erosion character of steel cord. It can release steel cord’s mutual twist and torsion, good anti-dynamic fatigue character, so the belt can have a long lifespan.


Belt core is made up of lengthways array, alternative direction of twist, galvanized steel cord and excellent capability core-rubber, top and bottom rubber covering.

Technical Standards:

The following standards are usually applied: GB/T9770-2001, MT668-2008, DIN22131X, DIN22131Y, AS1333m, and JZSK6369. We also can manufacture special types: cold resistant, abrasion resistant, heat resistant, acid resistant, oil resistant, etc.


Large elongation tensile strength, long lifespan, small elongation rate, excellent trough-forming character, good anti-bend flexibility. It is suitable for transporting materials in long-distance, with big-volume and at high-speed.