Online Pipe Cleaning


Online Pipe Cleaning Technology

Cleaning the pipe wall of the internal deposits is achieved through the use of the hydrodynamic properties of the fluid supplied to the pipeline coupled with cleaning device during its movement in the pipeline. In this case, the desired flow rate enables the movement cleaning device with a given rate of 2–4 km / h, and the differential pressure in the pipe before and after the cleaning device through a hydraulic connection in the form of an annular gap between the inner surface of the pipe and the elastic spring elements of cleaning device. The liquid passes through the slit in the direction of the cleaning device at high speed (up to 25 m/s), thereby destroying deposits on the wall of the pipe and then flushed out all the sludge towards the place of his duty. This ensures complete recovery of the pipeline capacity.


clening -divice_radio-electronic_indicator

Cleaning Device with Radio-electronic Indicator


Cross section of Cleaning Device

Cross-sectional view of Cleaning Device