Pipe Leak Sealing Technology

pipe-leak sealingOn-line leak repair service is performed on operating pipelines.

No need for shutting down the operation or process.

The system can continue to operate without expensive shutdowns or losses

We have the capacity to repair any size of pipe!

Areas of Application Include:
  • Pipes and fittings leaks
  • Flange leaks
  • Valve leaks
  • Heat exchanger leaks
  • Expansion joint leaks
  • Pressure vessel leaks
  • Furnace leaks
  • Tower tray leaks
  • Weld and thread leaks
Examples of application:
Pinhole Leak

Pinhole Leak from Pipe Surface

fibreglass wrap seal

Repaired location after applying Wrap Seal fiberglass tape

valve crack line

Leak from valve crack line

SealStic - steel epoxy

Applying Seal SticTM steel epoxy

52” FRP pipe crack

52” FRP pipe crack

FRP Repair

Repair work completed